Brick & Natural Stone Steam Cleaning

Brick & Natural Stone Steam Cleaning Service

At McD Exterior, we use high pressure steam cleaning to remove dirt and grime from exterior surfaces such walls, paths and car parks. The use of steam enables us to significantly reduce or totally remove the need for chemicals when cleaning stone and brickwork. When used for cleaning any exterior, hard surface area, steam cleaning is the most environmentally friendly solution for removing dirt, grime and algae build up.

Our trailer mounted high pressure steam cleaning equipment is most suited to cleaning non porous, man-made materials such as concrete, bricks, paving slabs.

Our operatives will literally blast away dirt and grime. With the addition of using hot water/steam, algae and weed growth is killed off and regrowth is greatly inhibited without the use of harsh chemicals.

We understand that brick and natural stone are precious materials, adding that added visual appeal to any property. At McD Exterior, we ensure that our steam cleaning services bring those materials back to life using the highest quality cleaning products and sophisticated cleaning equipment.

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